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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

D.T. Suzuki's Azaleas

Dr. Daisetsu.T. Suzuki (D.T. Suzuki) was a frequent visitor of Shunkoin Temple. He was a friend of Dr. Shinichi Hishamatsu, who lived here in 1930's & 40's. Dr. Suzuki planted azaleas in front of the main entrance of the temple. Now, those azaleas have started blooming.

D.T. Suzuki
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Shinichi Hishamatsu on Wikipedia:

Shunkoin Temple:
Zen meditation class & Dharma talk in English and temple stay is available at the temple.

You can attend our Zen meditation class & Dharma talk daily at Shunkoin Temple, where D.T. Suzuki and Shin'ichi Hisamatsu discussed how Zen Buddhism and philosophy could influence the Western world and how the Western philosophy can change Zen Buddhism.

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