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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shunkoin Temple Prayer Hall Restoration Foundation

We have begun the Shunkoin Temple prayer hall restoration project. 

The building was built in the 18th century and needs serious restoration of its roof. In order to complete this project, about 200,000,000 yen (2.5 million USD) is needed. 

This temple has played a key role in the spread of Japanese Zen Buddhism around the world in the early 20th century. Dr. Shin'ichi Hisamatsu, a Zen philosopher and the founder of FAS Society, lived in this temple. His friend and world-famous Japanese Zen Buddhist scholar, D.T. Suzuku, was a frequent guest at the temple. D. T. Suzuki and Dr. Hisamatsu often discussed a new philosophy consisting of both Western philosophy and Zen Buddhism at this temple. 

Your help is needed to save this historical site. The contributor’s names will be on a stele to commemorate this project. You will be a part of this historical Buddhist temple's history. 

If you would like to participate this project and know how to send your contribution to the temple, please contact us by email. We will send you the details.

Thank you for your generosity. 

Rev. Taka Kawakami

Shunkoin Temple & International Zen Center
42 Myoshinji-cho, Hanazono, Ukyo-ku,
Kyoto 616-8035, JAPAN

Tel & Fax: 075-462-5488


  1. It looks like a lovely place. I hope the fundraising goes well.