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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Radiation Levels in the World and Japan on Bloomberg Businessweek

Tokyo 0.096 microsievert/hour about1.2 times higher than the normal level(April 1st)
Kyoto 0.041 microsievert/hour the normal level (April 1st)

The followings are the natural (background) radiation levels in various cities in the world.

Hong Kong 0.14 microsievert/hour in the Kowloon district (average)
New York 0.095 microsievert/hour (average)
London 0.08 microsievert/hour (average)
Singapore 0.09 microsievert/hour (average)

"The U.K. Health Protection Agency estimates the typical Briton receives about 2,200 microsieverts of radiation per year from background radiation, or about 0.251 microsieverts per hour -- more than double the levels registered in Tokyo."

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